Oaktoberfest Pumpkin Inspires Children's House Lesson

Posted: October 16, 2013

Children’s House student Rocco M.-W. recently won a pumpkin at Oaktoberfest after he and his family had the closest estimate to the correct weight of the massive pumpkin. When the pumpkin was delivered to Rocco in Mrs. Kazi’s class, it inspired a lesson in estimation, weight, and size.

In order to understand weight, Mrs. Kazi had each child hold a package of butter weighing one pound, after which they attempted to move and lift the pumpkin to estimate its weight. After each child made a guess, Mrs. Blute arrived with her scale and found that the pumpkin weighed 50 lbs. The children then wondered, “Do any of us weigh more than the pumpkin? Do any of us weigh less?” Most of the children weighed less than the pumpkin, but a few weighed more to the delight of the class.

In the coming weeks, children will explore pumpkins even further through activities around the lifecycle of a pumpkin, research, art projects, and song.

Arielle Driscoll

Last Updated: October 16, 2013