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    Fostering children's development of concentration, coordination, independence, and order, Children's House provides students with a prepared environment in which to engage deeply with developmentally appropriate materials.

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    Lower Elementary curriculum engages the student's imagination, creativity, and exploratory nature while focusing on broad cultural concepts and academic skills.

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    With a focus on enhancing research and study skills, the Upper Elementary environment stimulates the students to interact, synthesize information, think critically and analytically, and problem solve.

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    Middle School students benefit from a rigorous academic curriculum, and develop strong interpersonal bonds while enhancing their intellectual and social consciousness.

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27 Jun

Summer Program - CH - Wk 3: "Globetrotter"

Thru: 7/1/2016

Summer Program - LE: "Primitive & Bushcraft Skills"

Thru: 7/8/2016
5 Jul

Summer Program - CH - Wk 4: "Create Origami Models"

Thru: 7/8/2016