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    Fostering children's development of concentration, coordination, independence, and order, Children's House provides students with a prepared environment in which to engage deeply with developmentally appropriate materials.

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    Lower Elementary curriculum engages the student's imagination, creativity, and exploratory nature while focusing on broad cultural concepts and academic skills.

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    With a focus on enhancing research and study skills, the Upper Elementary environment stimulates the students to interact, synthesize information, think critically and analytically, and problem solve.

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    Middle School students benefit from a rigorous academic curriculum, and develop strong interpersonal bonds while enhancing their intellectual and social consciousness.

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    Students' Talent Shine at the Otter Lodge

    Our Middle School students produced another successful Otter Lodge on Friday, presenting a show that was jam-packed with a variety of performers from our own student body. Alongside the performances, that included magic, dancing and singing, were many student vendors, selling an assortment of home-made wares, such as comic books, knitted hats and friendship bracelets. The evening, which is entirely managed and run by the Middle School students, was an impressive display of life skills - and so much fun for the entire family!

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    WWII Enthusiast visits MS Humanities Class

    Hosting visitors in the classroom is a great opportunity to enrich a curriculum and gain a deeper perspective on a topic. Oak Meadow's Middle School Humanities class welcomed retired college professor and Oak Meadow School grandparent, John O'Toole in a series of visits this past month. Mr. O'Toole shared an unparalleled amount of knowledge of WWII with the students, following a career of six decades of research and interviews - and stories he began collecting at age 8 when meeting GIs returning home from combat in the 1940's. Mr. O'Toole shared an in-depth array of WWII facts as well as models of a B-17 fighter plane, while recounting invaluable lesser-known anecdotes of the war. His visit was well-timed with Humanities curriculum on the world impact of conflict and social injustice in the 20th century.

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    Another Successful Science Fair!

    For over 15 years, Oak Meadow School has been presenting its annual Science Fair, comprised of thought-provoking science experiments, conducted by students in grades three through eight. Students begin by observing their world and identifying something of personal interest to study. Using the scientific method, each student forms a question with a hypothesis, designs an experiment, and takes measurable data to determine the accuracy of the hypothesis. Upon completion, students share what they've learned with the community by preparing a visual exhibit and presenting it to fellow students, ranging from 3-year-old's up to 8th graders, as well as to parents.

2 May

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