Thank you for your interest in Oak Meadow School—we’re delighted that you want to learn more about our dynamic community.

At Oak Meadow, we devote ourselves to offering each student an engaging, enriching school experience in preparation for a life of fulfillment and consequence. From age 18 months through grade 8, we challenge our students to develop new skills and habits of mind, and to hone their creativity and intellectual curiosity while respecting the talents and gifts of others.

While the website is a great gateway to information, the best way to get to know Oak Meadow is to visit. If what you read and see here interests you, we invite you to take the next step, to walk our halls, peek into our classrooms, and speak with our current students, parents, faculty and staff members. To schedule a visit, or just ask questions, please contact me via email or 978-486-9874 x226.

We look forward to meeting you!


Leslie Grossman
Director of Admission