Checklists and Deadlines

Application Materials Checklist

1. Application and Fee

Please print and complete the Application for Admission and return it to us with your $75 application fee. Completed applications and fees can be mailed to:

      Office of Admission
      Oak Meadow School
      2 Old Pickard Lane
      Littleton, MA 01460

2. Release of Information

If your child is currently enrolled in a school or attends daycare, please print and complete the appropriate Release of Information form. This will authorize Oak Meadow School personnel to speak to the student's current teachers, daycare providers, or other professionals if necessary. For Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Middle School applications, this Release of Information will also authorize your child's current school to mail an official copy of your child's transcript directly to the Oak Meadow Office of Admission.

   Children's House Release of Information
   Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Middle School Release of Information

3. Assessments

If your child has undergone a professional evaluation (e.g. speech, hearing, or neuropsychological), please submit to Oak Meadow School any documentation provided following that evaluation. 

4. AISNE Student Evaluations

If your child is currently enrolled in a school or attends daycare, please request that the Association of Independent Schools of New England (AISNE) Student Evaluation form be filled out by the applicant's current teacher or daycare provider. The teacher or daycare provider should mail the completed form(s) directly to the Oak Meadow School Office of Admission.

       AISNE Evaluations
       Age 3-Grade 1
       Grades 2-5
       Grades 6-8 English Teacher
       Grades 6-8 Math Teacher
       Grades 6-8 School Administrator


While we do not have a firm deadline, it is recommended that applications for the following school year are submitted by January 31. Offers of admission are mailed out beginning March 10. Admission notifications continue throughout the spring on a rolling basis as openings are available.