How to Apply


We invite parents to visit our school in order to learn more about our academic program, educational philosophy, our school community and culture. We have several opportunities for you to visit:

  1. Take-a-Tour Tuesdays
  2. Fall or Spring Open House Dates
  3. Individual Tours and Classroom Observations with the Director of Admission

Submit Application Materials

Submit all appropriate application materials and fee to the Admission Office for review. For a complete list of required materials, please see our checklist.

  1. Application form and $75 application fee
  2. Current transcripts and assessments
  3. AISNE Student Evaluation(s)


Children’s House

Following submission of the application and applicable evaluation forms, a parent/child interview will be scheduled with the Director of Admission. This observational interview lasts approximately 45 minutes, and provides an opportunity to learn more about your child, as well as parent expectations. The parent/child interview also allows for assessment of your child's developmental readiness for our classroom environment. Children are eligible for admission to our Children’s House program when they are 3 years old by September 1.

Elementary and Middle School

  • Classroom Visit for Student Applicants – Once the application, transcripts, and applicable evaluations and documentation have been submitted, a classroom visit is scheduled to provide an opportunity for prospective students to experience a day in our Montessori classrooms.
  • Parent Interview – After your child's classroom visit, a parent interview will be held with the Director of Admission. This is an opportunity for you to share important characteristics of your child, and for you to learn more about Oak Meadow.


Offers of admission are mailed out beginning March 10 for the following school year. Admission notifications continue throughout the spring on a rolling basis as openings are available.