After School Enrichment

Oak Meadow offers a wide variety of after school enrichment programs throughout the year for all program levels.

Activities include yoga, arts and crafts, drama, homework club, and other fun activities. We also offer an extensive array of musical instrument and vocal lessons throughout the school year and during the summer. See below for our Spring 2014 schedule, and click here for the registration form and detailed information about each program.

CH -CH Yoga

-Fun w/Math & Science (CH3)
-The Jungle Book*
-Fun w/Mrs. Siedlar

-Musical Quests with a Twist
-Tennis (CH3, March 13)
-Tee Ball
LE -Chess (March 24)
-Giddy Up & Go (March 24)
-The Jungle Book
-Fun w/Math & Science
 -LE/UE Yoga
-Tennis (March 13)
-Shotokan Karate
UE -Chess (March 24)

-Giddy Up & Go (March 24)
-Homework Club

-The Jungle Book -Pottery (UE4)
-LE/UE Yoga
-Tennis (UE4, March 13)
 -Shotokan Karate
MS -Chess (March 24)
-Giddy Up & Go (March 24)
-Study With a Purpose!
   -Shotokan Karate
Private Music Lessons -Drums/Piano-Sergei
-Piano-Rachel -Private Lessons
w/Mr. Pixley