Our Families Say...

I was a student at Oak Meadow for 11 years, and I have nothing but praise for the phenomenal education I received. At Oak Meadow, I wasn’t just another name or another student. I was an individual, a member of a close-knit community. I had my own identity and my own voice. The learning process gave me a more complete understanding of the material; I wasn’t just given the answers, I learned why they were the answers. I learned to think critically, to ask questions, and to let my opinions be heard. Perhaps the greatest gift Oak Meadow gave me was my sense of independence. My ability to take ownership of my learning and the opportunities presented outside of the classroom combined to make me a person who is ready to face life’s challenges. My work ethic, my love of learning, my appreciation of community, and my independence are all skills that I acquired from my Oak Meadow education, and I know that they will take me far. 

–Peter Fidrych, OM '09

The many years that we have spent as an Oak Meadow family have been wonderful. Our three children have made deep and lasting relationships with friends and faculty, as have we, which we would not have expected when we first walked in the door in 2005. Every teacher knows our children well and knows us well as a family.  This provides such a solid foundation for each of our children’s learning processes. Academically, they have excelled because of the hands-on freedom that was given to them to pursue the curriculum within a broader structure. From our Oak Meadow experience, we truly believe in the strength of the parent-student-teacher bond that results in each of our children being empowered to do their very best.

–The Foleys, Current & Past Parents

Our daughter has experienced a wonderful three years in Children’s House at Oak Meadow, growing in all academic and social areas. Academically, the Montessori method and Oak Meadow teachers are amazing. But for us, choosing Oak Meadow and the Montessori method, as opposed to a conventional school, was more than about academics. It was a choice between innovation versus standardization, divergent thinking versus convergent thinking. Our daughter is an engaged, inquisitive and joyful learner. Every day she looks forward to going to school and has a light in her eyes as she tells us all about her day.

–Patricia Hill, Current Parent

My daughter Jorie is a twin. Her twin brother Nils is severely affected with autism and is unable to attend school with typically developing children. When the twins were 3-4, we were looking for a school for Jorie that would meet several criteria; we needed a safe, calming and accepting environment that would offset the often chaotic revolving door atmosphere at home. We wanted a place that would celebrate diversity since we are a 2-mom family and are well known in the community. And we needed a place that Jorie could hang her hat at least through elementary school and hopefully further. Oak Meadow has followed through on each requirement in all 9 years that Jorie has attended.

–Ellen Carlson, Current Parent

It was a choice between innovation versus standardization, divergent thinking versus convergent thinking.

–Pat Hill, Current Parent